More than ever, it is necessary to do away with paralyzing fear, expand the heart and mind and create new solutions.

In a time when you live virtually, ignoring the preciousness of direct relationship with the other, it is ironic that you must now use virtual resources, wisely, so as not to suffer from morbid isolation. Apparently, you have to lose, to value. You have to be faced with our maximum fragility, with the imminence of dying asphyxiated, to finally hear the groans of the abused planet.

Life is truly ironic. For years we have seen the scourge of fires that have been progressively killing the lungs of the planet. Now, we are the ones who see our own lungs threatened.

The paradox of life is at times masterful in creativity!

So much have we distanced ourselves emotionally from each other that we now find ourselves forced to flee from each other, weeping at the pains of not being together. And that is what will save us all. We are going to miss each other and, above all, need each other so that we can survive as a species. Yes, because the planet will be able, through its mysterious intelligence, to resist and reinvent itself. As for us, if we do not change behaviours and do not tune in with the heart, we may well, one of these days, be dismissed from paradise, but not because of the coronavirus, but because of our particular talent for destroying our own immune system.

I question if we are aware of the millions of children who die of hunger every day, the daily numbers of deaths from stroke and cancer, malaria, suicide and many other sorts of virulence. The number of deaths that have occurred in the world so far, due to coronavirus, is negligible in relation to all this. I am not the one who says it, the numbers do.

I also question if we have already stopped to think that the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, sugar, flour and other refined products, processed products, soft drinks, and so on, are at the base of the destruction of the immune system?!

And why do we believe that the poisons used in agriculture only kill bugs and nothing will happen to us?!! How come we do not realize that our body is being poisoned?! So much omnipotence and dissociation in the supposedly most evolved species on the planet!!!

I also ask if you do not find it strange that, with so much information out there, it is not yet known that living in daily stress, for hours on end, inside companies and offices, as if there were no tomorrow, family and children, destroys our joy, bonds and health?! I challenge all of us to read a chapter on psychosomatics and psychoneuroimmunology daily.

There are people who do not sleep or sleep little. Don’t we all know that nights were meant to sleep and regenerate? The doctors tell us to rest and sleep early when we have some disease. I wonder why? What part haven’t we figured out yet? Isn’t it better to prevent diseases?

I have always liked trees, wasteland, land, water from the rivers and sea, and I have always cried when seeing them suffer. I come from a mistreated, abused land, due to its huge beauty and natural wealth, by greedy and dishonest governments, up until the time of the total extinction of the animals that lived happily in the savannah.

It is because of these and many other virulent attitudes that Man has been making the air unbreathable! It is possible that this pandemic is just a strategy of the Universe so that the dust that has been hidden under our carpets comes to light, to be finally cleaned, swept and integrated. I have no doubt that we have entered the era of the collective, of solidarity, of compassion, of emotional intelligence. Values ​​must change!

Have we already stopped to think about what it means to breathe?

Inhale. Exhale. When you breathe, space is created inside the body, blood circulation is started and this is how the organism feeds itself and works. And it takes time. Breathing well is having space and time. In order to create space, you need to be angry enough to shout the freedom cry. This hectic life of doing, doing, doing, working for hours on end, sleeping little so as not to lose the business of millions or to take advantage of all the minutes to gather more information, and to eat badly, without criteria, is basically living to consume personal resources and energy, until its extinction. That is to say, surviving.

This pandemic has come to tell us that now we need to learn how to live!

Curiously enough, humanity has prioritized money and consumption, based on fear of scarcity. Now, it is possible that we will all consume less and earn less money, but with more abundance. Life is indeed an abundance and it is with this thought that bread multiplies.

Love and solidarity are good for the immune system, they are powerful antivirals and turn scarcity into prosperity. You must not forget this!

The greatest sadness is the lack of love, coherence and pleasure in living. Lack of love is the loss of contact with the laws of nature, it is lack of centre, intelligence channelled into maintaining our integrity!

More than ever, movement is needed. Do not stop. Move your body, relax, breathe, strengthen your muscles, mind and spirit, and get rid of self-limiting objects, attitudes and beliefs.

There is already information enough. We now need to integrate knowledge and create new structures that serve the needs of humanity.

The body, mind, heart and spirit need to be integrated! That surely is a laser beam of wisdom and effectiveness!

                                                                                                                                  17th March 2020